3 Tips for Choosing the Right Marketing Agency

Looking for the right marketing agency for your business can be a difficult and stressful task but it is an important one to get right. There are a lot out there and they’re often saying the same stuff, so where do you even start? We’ve got a few ideas of things you might want to keep in mind when deciding which agency to hire.

Do they practice what they preach? 

Content marketing agencies should have successful content marketing and branding initiatives in place to promote their services and convert potential clients into paying customers. How an agency promotes itself is an important indicator of its expertise and thought-leadership in content marketing. Do they have a blog? Do they run social media? These are good places to look when considering a marketing agency.

Who have they helped in the past?

Case studies and portfolios are great resources that can help you understand if an agency has experience working with brands like yours and if they’ve had success helping them to solve similar content challenges. The best way an agency can answer the key question of ‘will you be able to help me?’ is to show that they’ve done the job for other clients just like you in the past. Reputable agencies will probably have this information readily available on their website, but you could also ask them for references and even speak to the companies directly.

Is the culture fit right?

Another consideration that is often overlooked when considering agencies is the culture fit. The agency you choose should not only have the right abilities to help you, but they should also be likeminded with your company’s culture and values. If your company runs a tight ship, make sure they do too. If you like to have a lot of fun and crack jokes, find an agency that thrives on that.

A good way to assess this is by meeting with the people you’ll be working with. Tell them how your company works and find out if they’ll be a good fit. You’re going to be interacting with these people regularly and working closely with them on various initiatives so trust your instincts. Chemistry matters.

Finding the right marketing agency for your company isn’t a simple task and shouldn’t be rushed, so take your time and keep these tips in mind when doing your research.

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