7 Reasons Why SlideShare is a Great Tool for Small Businesses

SlideShare is the world’s largest community for sharing presentations and other professional content online. Owned by LinkedIn and ranked as one of the top 120 most visited websites in the world, SlideShare is clearly a popular platform. Here are five reasons why, as a small business, you should be using it.

  1. Demonstrate Your Expertise

In the world of small business, having the ability and the platform to demonstrate expertise in your industry is extremely important. SlideShare can be used to present a wealth of thought leadership pieces including how-to guides, reports, industry news and presentations. This is a great way to boost your industry credibility by showing that you have lots of helpful information to provide to your readers.

Sharing educational slides about the products and services your business offers is also a great way to gain exposure and build brand awareness.

  1. Building Social Presence

SlideShare is a very social site. You can connect with other users with ‘likes’ and comments. It’s easy to integrate your SlideShare profile with your other social accounts such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. This way your slides will automatically be shared onto various other platforms, expanding their potential reach.

You can also embed slides into blog posts and websites, generating more content for your company and reaching a wider audience.

  1. Eye-Catching Imagery

SlideShare is a very visual platform, much more so than, say, a blog. This gives you the opportunity to be creative. The best and most popular slides use big images, bold colours, infographics and videos. They tend to keep text to a minimum, only using short sentences and captions.

Creating visually appealing content is likely to grab people’s attention and may attract a slightly different audience to your other social platforms and blogs.

  1. Optimisation

Search engines such as Google seem to favour the site because of the authority it carries so use this to your advantage. A little optimisation goes a long way with SlideShare. Optimise your slides with a few keywords here and there, use creative and attention-grabbing titles and, most importantly, ensure that all of your presentations link back to your website.

  1. Analytics

Analysing the success of your presentations is a good way to figure out what you’re doing right and what might need adjusting. Luckily, SlideShare has its own analytics tool built right into the platform. This makes it easy to examine your efforts and identify how your SlideShare presentations are helping your business.

  1. Lead Generation

The concept of lead generation forms on SlideShare is similar to landing pages. For example, you might put a lead generation form at the beginning of your presentation telling users to fill out some information before they may proceed. Alternatively, you could place a lead generation form at the end of a presentation, which gives the users the option of whether or not to enter their details. These forms are a great way to gain insight into who is viewing your presentations and your company can use this information to its advantage in the future.

  1. It’s Free!

One last reason why your small business should definitely be using SlideShare is because it is a free platformNot much in life comes free these days, so take advantage of it when it does.

Mini Case Study

A great example of a small business that has successfully utilised SlideShare is Edison Red. By creating a few short presentations with fantastic imagery and engaging headlines it has exceeded 63,000 total views and has even been featured on the SlideShare homepage. This shows great thought leadership and indicates Edison Red’s expertise in its industry.

Sticking to the same colour scheme for each presentation, Edison Red has created a consistent and professional image throughout its SlideShare profile. It has integrated its social media links, included a link to its website and a visual of its company logo to help increase social presence and brand awareness.

Following from its success, the business has since started blogging for SlideShare itself.

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