April Fools! The Best and Worst Social Media Pranks

Every year on April Fool’s Day companies across the globe compete to come up with the best, wittiest and most memorable pranks in an attempt to show their funny side. While it’s all a bit of fun and games, over the years it has become a very popular marketing tactic, with many of the best gags going viral. If your business isn’t utilising April Fool’s Day it could be missing a trick (get it…?).

More and more companies are picking up on the success of these pranks and are vying to compete for the best joke and the most attention ─ to the extent that social media is starting to become cluttered. April Fool’s jokes are no longer the preserve of the more traditionally light-hearted companies ─ and although the pranks are usually pretty obvious and badly executed, it is getting increasingly difficult to differentiate between what is real news and what is a joke on 1st April.

There’s no question as to why it’s become such a popular concept: people simply like to share funny content. If someone falls for a silly joke, they probably want to see if their friends did too. So if your company’s April Fool’s joke is witty enough to be successfully shared by lots of people, that’s a whole bunch of free marketing with minimal effort on your part.

In the spirit of the occasion we’ve picked out some of the best, worst and just downright silly social media pranks that we’ve seen so far.

ASOS: the Clip-On Man-Bun

The controversial ‘man-bun’ trend made easy with this season’s must-have hair accessory.

Marmite: Clear Version!

It’s psychologically proven that the colour of the food you’re eating has an impact on the taste ─ right…?

Independent: New Top Gear Presenter

The BBC didn’t take long to find a replacement for Jeremy Clarkson.

World of Warcraft: Dating App

Your garrison followers can swipe their way to love using the new T.I.N.D.R feature.

Did you fall for any tricks this April Fool’s Day?

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