Typically, a Tumblr blog will be in a continuous page format, consisting of chronological blog posts, with a simplistic, design conscious layout. Tumblr tends to be quite image heavy, but if you’re blogging as part of your business, you may also want to add some information about your companyor a professional profile, and the obligatory contact details. As of March last year,...
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rules pr and marketing
‘The New Rules of Marketing & PR’ By David Meerman Scott John Wiley & Sons (28 Jan 2010)   David Meerman Scott is an award-winning marketing strategist speaker and seminar leader. He is also the author of the ‘New Rules’ series consisting of the “New Rules ofd Social Media” and the two additions of the...
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Amazon Reading List The Amazon Reading List for LinkedIn is an application that lets you share your reading tips with your network via your LinkedIn profile. You can add what you have read, what you are reading and what you would like to read. You are encouraged to add a little review to help others...
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web hosting
We have complied research of some of the top web-hosting companies in the UK, to see how they fair across social media networks and in comparison to their competitors – with some interesting results. Blacknight Solutions immediately stands out as having a successful social media strategy, namely by utilising Twitter to gain a staggering 6,834 followers, and an impressive Klout Score...
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