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B2B Pay Per Click Advertising – Identifying Negative Key Phrases.

Why Are Negative Keywords So Important To B2B Pay Per Click Marketing? In general, the overall search volume for b2b related key phrases is significantly lower than in b2c activities. This leads to several issues, some of which are very specific to the market:

  • Budget are much lower
  • Limited traffic to relevant key phrases
  • High CPC as a result of the above
  • Increased timescales from keyword addition to determination of suitability
  • Limited ability to test multiple Ad copy due to the above.
  • Low volume key phrases are often not identified through the standard Google AdWords tools.

How to address these issues? In order to address the issues inherent with b2b pay per click advertising we must focus on understanding the business; its location, target audience, size of business, products and services offered, product margin, sales cycle length and customers business challenges. By doing this it enables us to understand the opportunities for the business and the potential short falls of an unfocused campaign of activities. Typically, we run with a number of “known” negatives and then build this out via controlled broad phrase activities. An example of a B2B pay per click advertising case study – IT Service and Support company in Hertfordshire Company ‘A’ is an IT service and support company based in Hertfordshire. They target Hertfordshire and its surrounding counties. The focus of the business is service, relationship and support rather than price. They want to target people looking for services rather than hardware. Target customers are businesses with over 50 employees. As a business they have typically relied on outbound sales activities to generate business. Over the last few years they have seen a decline in the success of the following activities: Negative key phrases. Location related. Cities that they don’t target Counties they don’t target Career et al related The following are a useful set of negatives related to education, employment and careers which commonly show up in the search results. Book Books Career Careers Certificate Class Classes College Colleges Course Courses CV Degree Employer Employment Event Events Intern Internship Internships Job Jobs Pay part time Recruiting Recruitment Resume Salaries Salary School Schools Temp Textbook Training University Generic list The following are generic key phrases that are relevant to a large number of campiagns Business plan Business related Cheap Cheaper Cheapest Contract Contracts Definition For sale Free Gartner Generic How do How much How to Images Logo Marketing Photographs Photos Pictures Review Reviews Template Trends Value What are Sector specific In the example above the client is not interested in traffic from hardware related searches. HP BT Compaq Dell In conclusion the reason why negatives are so important is due to low traffic volumes. As a result the tragetting need to be much more specific and the ad copy very focused towards a low volume of key phrases. Tools used for this blog post We use a number of tools to help create our negative keyphrase list Existing ppc data (not always available) Existing Google analytics date (not always available Google external keyword tool Ubersuggest Wordstream free negative keyword tool When all these fail we use a pinch of experience and a dose of brains! How else can you use this research? Research can be labour intensive. We do like to look at how this can be reused to the benefit of our clients.  As a result we often use or negative keyword research to identify opportunities for content marketing, search engine optimisation and social media. As an example: IT support flowchart IT support images IT support interview questions and answers IT support metrics IT support funny quotes IT support objectives If you would like to read more have a look at: Other useful sources of research http://www.whitespark.ca/blog/post/5-must-have-negative-keywords-for-small-business-local-adwords-campaigns https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/2453972?hl=en-GB

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