Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

 The issue was highly sensitive and every care had to be taken to protect the staff involved.

In safe hands for crisis management when a PR disaster strikes

A leading UK-based outsourcing company held a number of important contracts with Government and local government clients. When faced with large-scale spending cuts, the client contacted a number of key suppliers asking them to cut their costs in order to prevent a reduction in orders.

As gossip about the cuts spread online, the company released a statement but erroneously put the wrong contact name as the source. The news was picked up by a number of leading UK newspapers and newswires and quickly spread across the internet. The named member of staff suffered stress and personal attack in social media sites and forums and was hounded by the press. Grow* was called upon to put the record straight.


To identify the source of the spreading news and contact media to amend or remove the story; to push the news down the search engine listings and to generate positive PR in order to negate any damage caused by the affair.


Grow* quickly identified websites that had published the news and contacted them to request that the articles be amended with the correctly named person. The issue was highly sensitive and every care had to be taken to protect the people involved. Once the news sources had been contacted, additional press releases were sent out to correct the initial story and to generate additional PR that would be picked up by search engines, pushing the original version lower down the listings.


Through effective project management and a systematic approach, grow* was able to remove the incorrect news item from 95% of websites that had published it. Through SEO consultancy, we were able to remove the news from top rankings on Search Engines for key searches by creating positive news that took higher positions. Our client was satisfied with the speedy results and in the way that such a sensitive issue was dealt with effectively, efficiently and with confidentiality.

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