B2B Marketing

9 Excellent Marketing and Business Tools to help your start up

Feedly Top of the list is feedly.com. This is a content curator tool or RSS reader that keeps all the content you might want to share on social media in one place. As a start up business is important to build your social media profiles by sharing insights and information your target customer will engage […]

How To Use Google Analytics To Track Businesses Visiting My Website?

If your business sells to others it is really useful to know which companies are visiting your website, in this article we show you how to use Google Analytics to identify these businesses. There are several paid for solutions to track the companies that visit your website but often the prices and information you receive […]

Twitter Advertising: A Guide to Promoted Tweets, Accounts and Trends

Advertising on social media is not a new concept. Most of the main players now offer the opportunity to expand your reach and build a bigger audience for your company with the help of adverts or sponsorships. There are several different options for advertising on Twitter, these include promoted tweets, promoted accounts and promoted trends. […]

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Local Business Marketing: Why Facebook Should be Your Best Friend

If you own a local business, you’re likely to be most interested in customers in your area, but not particularly people scattered around the country or globe. Facebook provides ample opportunity to localise your marketing efforts, increase brand awareness and visibility in your area, and reach real customers. You just need to know how. Built-in […]

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How Local Businesses are Using Twitter to Find Customers

Twitter is a great marketing tool for creating brand awareness and keeping an eye on the competition, but most importantly for engaging with your customers. Local businesses often struggle connecting with their local audiences, but there are several simple tasks that can be done to help find local customers on Twitter. Location based search One […]

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Why you’d be a Fool Not to Measure Your Marketing Activities

Isn’t it great when you come up with a really fun, unique and clever marketing idea for your company? You generate the idea, plan the approach and implement the campaign. Job done! Right…? Wrong. Every single marketing activity your company does needs to be measured and analysed in order to understand if it was as […]

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A Game of Trends: 4 Ways Google Trends Can Inform Your Marketing Strategy

Say the phrase ‘keyword research’ to any marketing type and it’s likely that one of his or her first thoughts will be of Google’s ubiquitous AdWords Keyword Planner ─ a key tool, if you’ll excuse the pun, in the search for key words and key phrases. However, Keyword Planner has a less well known but […]

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7 Ways to Grow Your Business

Growing your business is hard work and can take up a lot of your valuable time and energy. There are plenty of tools and techniques available to help you in the process so it’s a good idea to utilise as many as you can. We’ve come up with seven ideas that you can implement into […]

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How to Tailor Your Content to Reach a Local Audience

What if I told you that marketing your small business to a local audience on a low budget is not only possible but can actually be extremely effective and profitable? Not convinced? We’ve put together a few tips and tricks you can use to tweak your online content and help increase the visibility of your […]

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5 Best Practices for Small Business Blogging

Creating and publishing fresh blog content on a regular basis is a great way to boost your search ranking, drive traffic to your website and establish your authority in your industry. As a small business owner, you might be wondering how you should go about blogging in a way that will positively impact your business. […]

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