9 Excellent Marketing and Business Tools to help your start up

Feedly Top of the list is This is a content curator tool or RSS reader that keeps all the content you might want to share on social media in one place. As a start up business is important to build your social media profiles by sharing insights and information your target customer will engage […]

YouTube To Lose its Status as the King of Online Video?

Lots of things have happened in the world of social media this week. Get set for new advertising options, a potential threat to YouTube and some interesting Wimbledon social media facts. Wimbledon: Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams are social champions The winners of the 2015 Wimbledon Championships tennis tournament will not be crowned until July 12, […]

Facebook Launches Photo App ‘Moments’: Social Media News

Facebook launches ‘Moments’ Facebook have announced the launch of a new standalone photo app called ‘Facebook Moments’. The app is effectively a private sharing device for your photos. It operates independently of Facebook, so you won’t be sharing photos with all your Facebook friends (unless you want to), enabling you to pick and choose specific […]

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Pinterest Rolls Out Cinematic Pins: Social Media News

This week all the big social media game players have been updating us on all their latest business ventures and revamped features. From Facebook Events to Pinterest Cinematic Pins, we’ve got the latest news. 7 Facebook Events features coming this year and beyond Facebook Events is one of Facebook’s more handy tools. Users create hundreds […]

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12 local marketing stats that will blow your socks off

Local marketing has gone digital. The days when an advert in the local paper and a generic mailshot of leaflets into people’s letter boxes would fill your order books are over – in 2015, the power lies literally in the palm of your customers’ hands: the smartphone. Fuelled by developments in mobile and social technology, […]

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Local Business Marketing: Why Facebook Should be Your Best Friend

If you own a local business, you’re likely to be most interested in customers in your area, but not particularly people scattered around the country or globe. Facebook provides ample opportunity to localise your marketing efforts, increase brand awareness and visibility in your area, and reach real customers. You just need to know how. Built-in […]

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One Million Facebook Video Calls in Two Days: Social Media News

As the biggest social media game player, Facebook are always on the ball when it comes to new features and helpful updates. This week is no different and we’ve got the latest social media news from carousel ads to video chats. Facebook carousel format now available for mobile app ads Last year Facebook introduced carousel […]

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How Local Businesses are Using Twitter to Find Customers

Twitter is a great marketing tool for creating brand awareness and keeping an eye on the competition, but most importantly for engaging with your customers. Local businesses often struggle connecting with their local audiences, but there are several simple tasks that can be done to help find local customers on Twitter. Location based search One […]

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Is Facebook Organic Reach Dead? Social Media News

From a new Facebook algorithm to Google+ taking a new approach, a lot has happened in the social media world this week. Get the latest news right here. Facebook Page organic search killed forever If you are an admin of a Facebook Page you will probably know already how difficult it is to reach your […]

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Why you’d be a Fool Not to Measure Your Marketing Activities

Isn’t it great when you come up with a really fun, unique and clever marketing idea for your company? You generate the idea, plan the approach and implement the campaign. Job done! Right…? Wrong. Every single marketing activity your company does needs to be measured and analysed in order to understand if it was as […]

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