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Customer Profiling – the scientific approach

As marketers, we all believe we know our customers, after all if you don’t know who your customer is, then how are you going to get your communications right to appeal to them? But do you really know your customers, or is your view based on minimal data or at worst supposition?

And what about different customer segments? Have you considered that what drives sales in one territory may not work in another? Socio-economic and cultural differences can be a big driver in determining who wants your products or services.

Equally, just because a product sells well, doesn’t mean it couldn’t sell better if you targeted different customers and likewise, if a product doesn’t sell, it is possible that you haven’t found the right customers yet, but they are out there.

So how do you identify your customers, both existing and potential?

Before the era of online retailing, face to face sellers had the benefit of actually seeing their customers, but for online retailers sales are based on people searching for the brand. Not all businesses have the flexibility of being able test different audiences to see if they will engage, so we often base our judgements on what we see people are searching for, but what about those that aren’t searching for what we might expect?

Some companies may spend millions on research, others nothing, some will use previous sales data (if you have any) and others will just spend time talking to and understanding their customers, but this all takes time and in some cases considerable amounts of money, so is there another way?

Cold hard data

Yes, data. Most online companies will have access to huge amounts of data about their customers, but knowing what to do with that data is the domain of data analysts. Not all marketers have the depth of knowledge required to draw meaningful conclusions from the vast amounts of data available at their fingertips and yet it could hold the key to identifying your real and potential customers on a whole new level.It can also inform your ongoing marketing activities, what your website looks like and how we present our products online.

A simple example

Client A – Our client told us their customer personae is 24-35 years old, male/female, health conscious, environmentally conscious.

We analysed this information and the data available to us to discover that in reality, there were a number of sub sets of this overall customer profile, which meant that we could target distinct customer groups via both search and social platforms and deliver sales to an agreed CPA.

As an agency it would be easy to just run your Google AdWords activities without truly understanding who your customer is. That’s what everybody else does, but this is something we have taken on board and it is a challenge we love. It’s about delivering true value for money.

How do we do it?

It’s our top secret tool. We have worked with the best in the business to develop this solution called Big Query (Its big and it queries stuff). The software does all the hard work for us and we then interpret that data and you will be surprised at the things it shows up, without the need for a team of data analysts. Things you would never have thought of yourself, but which mean that targeting your customers with the right messages, at the right time has become a science and consequently delivers outstanding results.

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