Dr. Marten’s ‘First and Forever’ Campaign SM Case Study

An Overview – Dr. Marten’s ‘First and Forever’ Campaign – Now thats Retro!

In August of 2011 , British footwear brand Dr Martens launched a new cross-platform campaign encouraging users to share their first experiences of the brand’s iconic boots. ‘First and Forever’ – is fronted by British model Agyness Deyn  and draws upon the power of nostalgia and shared experience, encouraging participants to use the language associated with the brand almost without realising it.

Research by WaveMetrix found that individuals that shared their DM experience were more likely to associate the brand with its desired values, and despite the campaign encouraging customers to talk about themselves, the idea of brand values got some attention too.

With a dedicated hashtag on Twitter, interactive ‘experience maps’ on Facebook and a TV commercial and ‘film’ whereby Agyness Deyn narrates her first heartbreak, this is a universally emotive campaign. In this instance, social media is used in one of the most effective and appropriate ways for an ad campaign: to share experiences.

“Everyone remembers their first pair of DMs” reads the campaign strap, and indeed, people are keen to share their stories – and pictures too. The campaign’s Facebook wall is home to thousands of uploaded photos of people proudly showing off their favourite pair of boots, or in some cases, entire collections of DMs. The campaign created chatty, friendly noise – the alternative lifestyle usually associated with DMs means that the folk involved already have a strong sense of identity and community, and Dr Martens has done well to tap into the glory of ‘days gone by’. And after all, people like to talk about themselves, and this campaign provides a legitimate outlet for that.

Reporting Metrics

Figures: 169,851 Facebook Likes, 26,298 Twitter Followers, 149 YouTube Subscribers and 737 #firstandforever video views.

Audience: Anyone who has ever worn Dr. Martins.

Platforms: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tele Atlas.

Tone: Nostalgic, teenage, romantic, punk.

Yes – the figures above would have been seen as successful on 2011!

Yes – Facebook did look like this.

Final Word: This campaign was successful on the basis that every human being likes to talk about themselves and their personal experiences. Dr. Martins have taken the same principle from social media itself, sharing life experiences, and applied it directly to their own campaign, with great results and an improved and active online community that will not doubt remain once the campaign finishes. Dr Martin’s also offered incentives such as free gig tickets and pairs of boots, but this doesn’t always result in successful participation. There must be a more emotional incentive – which ‘First and Forever’ certainly provides.

Although First and Forever won’t necessarily result in immediate sales for the company, it’s more of an engagement campaign and DM has gained a new and refreshed following. Without a doubt, this following will provide new custom for years to come.

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