Facebook Launches Photo App ‘Moments’: Social Media News

Facebook launches ‘Moments’

Facebook have announced the launch of a new standalone photo app called ‘Facebook Moments’. The app is effectively a private sharing device for your photos. It operates independently of Facebook, so you won’t be sharing photos with all your Facebook friends (unless you want to), enabling you to pick and choose specific groups and users you want to share images with.

Once installed, Moments will scan through the photos in your camera roll and sort them into sets, grouping photos from locations and events, or of specific people or groups. Moments uses facial recognition technology to match the people featured in your photos with those in your Facebook friends list and prompts you to sync relevant photos where those friends are featured.

You can then select which photos you want to share, press ‘Sync’ and those connections will receive a notification that you have photos to share with them. This then becomes a collection that you share with these people – if they also have photos they want to share, they can sync those images to the same collection, creating a combined, private album that only you and those connections can see.

facebook moments

YouTube Creates YouTube Gaming to Rival Twitch

YouTube is taking gaming to a completely new level with the announcement that they’re launching their own gaming content platform called YouTube Gaming, which experts believe will compete with Twitch, very well rendering it extinct.

Like Twitch, YouTube Gaming will be a standalone app, with its own domain dedicated to video game-related content, where users can broadcast, upload, and watch content from their favorite games across the globe.

This is a strategic move for YouTube, as 15% of its content is related to gaming. That statistic, combined with the growth and popularity of Twitch, certainly have to be driving factors behind YouTube creating it’s own gaming specific app for users.


Twitter Removing 140 Character Limit from Direct Messages

The news announcements keep on coming out of Twitter HQ. Just hours after confirming that CEO Dick Costolo would be stepping down, Twitter’s Development Team announced that they are removing the 140 character limit from Direct Messages (DMs).

This comes after another recent change to DMs, which enabled users to send DMs to anyone, even those they weren’t directly connected to. Coupled together, Twitter is hoping the redefine the use of Direct Messaging on the platform, likely inspired by the massive growth of messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Snapchat.

The official announcement:

“We’ve done a lot to improve Direct Messages over the past year and have much more exciting work on the horizon. One change coming in July that we want to make you aware of now (and first) is the removal of the 140 character limit in Direct Messages. In order to make this change as seamless as possible for you we’ve included some recommendations below to ensure all your applications and services can handle these longer format messages before we flip the switch.”


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