Fun Eurovision Twitter Facts: Social Media News

This week we’re talking about all things Eurovision as well as catching up on the latest social media features and updates from the usual suspects, Facebook and Twitter.


Eurovision is the biggest singing contest in the world and as such one of the most talked about events on social media. So, love it or loathe it, there’s really no escaping it. We’ve got some fun Eurovision social media facts for you, just in case you hadn’t had enough of it yet.

As we know, tweeting along to television programmes is a popular way to use the social network. Eurovision was no different and over the course of the contest there were 2.3 billion impressions of Tweets about #Eurovision on Twitter.

The three moments during the final that generated the highest spikes in conversation, measured by Tweets per minute, were:

  1. Georgia Perform
  2. Spain Perform
  3. Australia Perform

The official Twitter blog released an interactive heatmap highlighting the conversation across the globe.

As an extra fun twist on the night, Twitter and Eurovision teamed up to create a complimentary experience for their audience. Using the official hashtags for each competing country activated special Eurovision hashflagson Twitter, producing a fun and creative way to get involved in the conversation.

The three-letter country code hashtags for each performance brought simplicity to the experience for audiences looking to share their support for the countries, while the hashflags highlighted these conversations with delightful graphics.

Meanwhile, the most Tweeted-about nations during Saturday’s grand final were:

  1. Sweden – #SWE
  2. Spain – #ESP
  3. Russia – #RUS

Facebook re-launches GIF compatibility

There have been many excited reports this past week of the launch of GIF compatibility on Facebook. This is a big announcement and change for the social network, as GIF lovers can begin to share their silly cat GIFs with friends and family worldwide.

Way back when the platform was only available to college students and still called ‘The Facebook’, there was a time when the site already supported GIFs. The feature was removed, presumably due to the fact that it affected the user experience on the early version of the platform. Just over a decade later, Facebook’s servers are able to handle a lot more, and so the beloved cat GIFs can be shared once more.

Twitter launches Official Partner Program

Twitter has launched a new ‘Official Partner Program’, designed to help businesses find the best, most qualified third party assistance for their Twitter campaigns and management. From Twitter’s official announcement, the new program will aim to link businesses with assistance to help them:

  • Increase campaign performance by helping to scale, manage and measure performance to achieve desired objectives.
  • Gain more insight by using Twitter data to measure brand performance and identify relevant marketing and consumer care trends.
  • Market more efficiently by managing social presence and oversee customer.

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