How To Add A Static Page To Your Tumblr Blog

Typically, a Tumblr blog will be in a continuous page format, consisting of chronological blog posts, with a simplistic, design conscious layout. Tumblr tends to be quite image heavy, but if you’re blogging as part of your business, you may also want to add some information about your companyor a professional profile, and the obligatory contact details.

As of March last year, Tumblr added the option to add static pages. These are often the best way to provide contact information, company data and to provide potential customers with the information they need. Regular users may want to update these frequently, to describe what they are currently working on.

To add a page head to your Tumblr dashboard click ‘Preferences’ and then ‘Customise Your Blog’. From here you’ll find your appearance options for your theme, and  right at the bottom ‘Pages – Add a page’.

You will have two choices for layouts: ‘Standard’ (title and body with your tumblelogs’s layout) or ‘Custom’ (create a page with a completely custom theme). Unfortunately, you can no longer add a redirected page , such as your Twitter profile or LinkedIn page (see image above), but you could add these as links on a page named ‘Social Networks’ for example.

All of Tumblr’s featured themes automatically display links to pages you create, typically under the blog header. If your theme doesn’t support page links, you can still link to them manually. Pages are only for static content you add via the Pages tab (for example: About Me, Bio, Resume, Contact Info). You cannot direct a blog post to a page.

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