How To Use Google Analytics To Track Businesses Visiting My Website?

If your business sells to others it is really useful to know which companies are visiting your website, in this article we show you how to use Google Analytics to identify these businesses.

There are several paid for solutions to track the companies that visit your website but often the prices and information you receive are overkill. If you are interested in finding out who is visiting your website for free then the solution below will help you set up a report in Google Analytics.

Where to find the report in Google Analytics?

Login to your Google Analytics Account.

If you select Audience – Technology – Network you will see a report on Service Provider which will look like this.

The problem with this report is that it will show the names of all the internet service providers that visitors use to provide their internet connectivity. However, some larger companies will appear online using their company domain.

You will be able to find these companies that have visited your website but running a simple search for the term ftip as in the above screen shot. The report will present you with  a list of companies.

If you find that you aren’t seeing many companies this could be due to the time period  you have set for the report.

If you want to understand more about how these visitors have engaged with your website, you can order by Pages/Session in the behaviour section and see how many pages each visit session involved. A broad assumption is that the more pages per session the more engaged they are.

To give you more clarity I would suggest also using the second dimension function to focus down to country or even city level if this is appropriate to your business.

So, What?

Ok, so you have this data how do you take advantage of it?

One way is to provide a report to your sales team manager on a weekly basis. They will have a better idea of the companies that they are currently in contact with or have been in the past.. This report will confirm that these companies are visiting your website.

If you click on the individual company name you can see a report showing the number of times they have visited in a given period. If you change the second dimension to page you can see which pages they visited. This will help in understanding their intent/interest in your business.

You could also use this list as a starting point for looking at companies to target with your sales team. Think about how to take advantage of the data and capabilities provided by LinkedIn as well as looking at other data sources. If these companies are engaging with your website it’s possible that this reflects an ongoing research process, a perfect time to market directly to the relevant contacts in the businesses.

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