Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing

The biggest thing people underestimate about inbound marketing is lead time. Occasionally people will see a tweet or a blog piece and it will prompt them to call you up and place an order, but that’s the exception, not the rule.

There’s a famous ‘Rule of 7’ formulated by US marketing expert Dr. Jeffrey Lant, which says that you have to make contact with your prospect 7 times before they’ll buy anything.

If we’re counting social media and online interaction as a point of contact, that’s a conservative estimate: most prospects will need to be nurtured for quite some time before they’ll trust your brand enough to become a customer.

This is especially true if you’re a B2B company, recruiting customers who will invest considerable sums in your services.

Fortunately, modern inbound marketing technology offers a world of lead nurturing possibilities.

Did you say technology?

We certainly did. We’re using some phenomenal tools that yield the sort of customer insights that marketers could only dream about a year or two ago. These tools go far beyond a monthly spreadsheet of who’s visited your website or read your blog: it’s now possible to build up a profile of everybody who’s ever interacted with your website, blog, and social channels, ‘score’ them based on the joined up detail of how they’ve responded to your content, and target future content delivery on an individual basis.

This is lead generation of a whole new calibre, utilizing technology to gather the insight and information needed to improve. In fact, when you’ve got access to this level of analysis, you’d be mad not to use it to make your inbound marketing strategy the best it can possibly be.

The wonderful thing about inbound marketing is its flexibility: if something’s not working as well as it should, it can easily be modified or replaced – it’s a much more agile marketing method than, for example, a traditional advertising campaign.

The concept is a straightforward one to grasp: we’ll use our cutting-edge technology to track, analyse and optimise everything we do for your brand. If there’s a way to improve the performance of your inbound marketing, we’ll find it and facilitate it: simple as that.

By 2017 CMO’s will spend more on technology than their IT Counterparts…..(Source: Gartner Research)