Pinterest Rolls Out Cinematic Pins: Social Media News

This week all the big social media game players have been updating us on all their latest business ventures and revamped features. From Facebook Events to Pinterest Cinematic Pins, we’ve got the latest news.

7 Facebook Events features coming this year and beyond

Facebook Events is one of Facebook’s more handy tools. Users create hundreds of thousands of events on the service every single day, and those events range from small, private Birthday parties to huge club events with guest lists in the hundreds.

Mashable has reported on the new features the Events team is currently working on as well as some concepts they anticipate tackling in the future. It isn’t clear exactly when users can expect the updates to roll out. But traditionally speaking, Facebook doesn’t spend long testing and tweaking features before getting the ball rolling. In other words? They’re coming soon.

  1. More events in your News Feed
  2. More event recommendations in your News Feed, too…
  3. Sharing events from inside Messenger
  4. Tighter integration with Messenger
  5. Inviting non-Facebook users to events
  6. Invitation receipt notifications for private events
  7. A standalone Events app (maybe)

Pinterest rolls out video ads

While Pinterest is a popular service with 47.1 million users, and as a business, is worth approximately $3.8 billion, until recently, Pinterest hadn’t delved too far into the world of revenue.

This changed earlier in the year when Pinterest introduced Promoted Pins, an ad format that allows companies to promote their best Pins so they appear in the most relevant places, as well as targeting to ensure the right people see the Promoted Pins.

The social network has now expanded its advert products further by rolling out video ads called Cinematic Pins. Cinematic Pins work similarly to Pinterest’s current ad products in that they’re formatted to blend in with other items in users’ home feeds. The difference is the new ads are motion-based.

Gap, L’Oreal, Target, Unilever, Visa, Walgreens and Wendy’s are among the first companies to start using the feature.

Google lets you look for tweets in mobile searches

Google and Twitter announced last week that the two companies are teaming up to allow the search engine to surface tweets directly in search results.

This means you no longer need to go directly to Twitter to look up specific Twitter accounts, hashtags or tweets concerning given topics. If you want to search for a particular handle, for example, you can simply search “NASA Twitter” to view the handle and account’s most recent tweets. Searching for specific hashtags or other topics that may be trending will also turn up Twitter results, Google says.

LinkedIn adds robust analytics for content marketers

LinkedIn has long been the social network to go to for all things work-related. However these days, users are also interested in publishing content on the platform. They have some tools to help them, but there hasn’t been a robust support system for their content, until now. LinkedIn is now offering publishers on its platform a full suite of analytics to help them analyse, report and develop their content.

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