What Is Our Approach To Search Engine Marketing?

PPC Strategy

Your pay per click activities will vary based upon the strategic approach to these.

We work with you to understand your business, your goals and online competitors to define the strategy.

We leverage our years of experience as well as specialist tools to enable the development of a strategy that works for you.

Keyword Research, Ad Copy & Landing Pages

In depth keyword research is essential to finding out how people are searching  for the products and services that you sell.

Crafting great ad copy helps to both increase visitors as well as linking these visitors to the correct point in your website for maximum conversion.

The design and content on the landing pages used makes a huge difference in conversion rates. We work with you to build, test and optimise these.

Tracking and Measurement

Tracking and measurement are essential when running PPC campaigns.

Measurement tools are set up to reflect the specific needs of your reporting.

We can track everything from leads, sales, online, offline, mobile app downloads, phone calls, video views and on click events.

Account Optimisation

We focus on optimising at the technical, campaign/ad group, ad level and keyword level.

By taking this four-step approach we optimise the performance of your account at every level to improve results.

This approach enables us to control budgets, actual spend and optimise against the campaign targets.

Why Grow?

Why Choose Grow as your Search Engine Marketing Agency?

At Grow we pride ourselves on the experience of the staff that carry out all of our client marketing activities.

Our SEM team have worked for either Google or Bing in the past and have managed both large (six figure) and small (3 figure) monthly budget accounts.

This experience puts our team in a great position to use this knowledge to help your business.

What Our Clients Think?

What Do We Cover in Search Engine Marketing?

Google AdWords

Bing Ads

Cost Per Click (CPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Content Network

Partner Network



Ad Groups




Click through Rate (CTR)

Cost Per Action (CPA)

Cost per thousand (CPM)

Geo targeting

Keyword match

Quality score



Return on investment (ROI)

A/B Testing

Click Fraud

Share of Voice

Content customers

Urban Front
Spanish Boot Company
Mad About Bookkeeping
Brighton Sunblinds
Rapid Information Systems
Pitney Bowes
Gel Engineering
The Scholarship Hub