What Is Our Approach To Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO Strategy

We initially audit your current website to identify the areas of strength and weaknesses.

This audit enables us to define an SEO strategy based on your current situation combined with your business goals.

The next step is in-depth keyword analysis based on your products, services and business goals.

The final piece in the strategy is to understand your online competitors, strengths and weaknesses.

Onsite Optimisation

We look at navigational structure, hierarchy, urls and user experience.

We write compelling titles, meta descriptions and sub headings.

We implement internal and external linking activities.

We look at multimedia sources and the optimisation of these.

Finally we optimise onsite content and sharing opportunities.

Offsite Optimisation

We review your existing link profile against key phrase targets and competitor profiles.

We identify opportunities for gaining additional links and content shares.

We create content that is highly shareable and acts as link bait.

We reach out to sites that are interested in your content to share and to create backlinks.

Measurement and Improvement

We measure all activities against an agreed plan.

We interpret the results of all SEO activities .

Based on these results we adapt the activity plan against these.

This is a cyclical process of test, measure and improve.

Why Grow?

Why Choose Grow as your Search Engine Optimisation Agency?

We work with you to understand your business and what you are looking to achieve from your search engine optimisation activities. We then build an SEO strategy that is both cost effective and results driven.

Our search team create and manage these campaigns on your behalf working closely with you and your business.

What Our Clients Think?

What Do We Cover in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Meta tag

Meta description

301 redirect

Alt text

Anchor text


Bounce rate

Bread crumbs




Duplicate content





Inbound link


Landing page

Cornerstone content


Link bait

Long tail

No follow

Content customers

Urban Front
Spanish Boot Company
Mad About Bookkeeping
Brighton Sunblinds
Rapid Information Systems
Pitney Bowes
Gel Engineering
The Scholarship Hub