Independent SEO Audits

Independent SEO Audits

Concerned, Curious or Confused about your companies Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) activities? Our independent SEO Audits are aimed at answering all your questions and more. Covering the technical and functional side of things, as well as content, keywords and competitor analysis.

What are you looking for from your SEO audit?

In our experience of providing SEO audits we’ve found our clients are looking to understand one or more of the following:

  • How can I improve my organic ranking?
  • What is my SEO agency doing?
  • Is my SEO agency doing a good job?
  • Why are my competitors higher than me?
  • Are we getting value for our SEO spend?
  • Is my business at risk from historical SEO activities?
  • Why has my organic traffic suddenly dropped?
  • Have Google Algorithm changes put my business as risk?
  • How can we build a business case for additional spend?

If you have these questions then you are far from alone. We understand that search engine optimisation isn’t always presented in the clearest way, and it often seem like everyone is saying conflicting things. Sometimes you just need an independent opinion.

What can be achieved through our SEO audits?

  • Support for a business case justification for additional budget
  • Resolution of internal process issues impacting on organic results
  • Identification of sites black listed for a number of key phrases
  • Identification of agencies doing great jobs
  • Identification of agencies not doing a great job
  • Justification for a risk versus rewards approach to SEO
  • Increased clarity on SEO for the whole team

Our goal is to provide a completely independent service, we do not:

  • Aim to discredit your supplier
  • Aim to win business away from your supplier
  • Pitch for your business
  • Produce light weight automated reports

We will however aim to:

  • Provide an independent in-depth review
  • Explain in plain English your current search engine optimisation situation
  • Provide actionable recommendations to address any issues
  • Give you the confidence to discuss with your agency/supplier


To find out more about our SEO auditing service contact us today.