Web Forensics

Web Forensics

If web analytics is a bicycle, then web forensics has Sir Bradley Wiggins on board.

For a long time it has been possible to see how many people have visited your website, which content they’ve looked at, and how long they’ve spent on each page.

Valuable as this information may be in giving you an overall view of how your web content is being received by its audience, it doesn’t give you any specific information about individual prospects.

Enter web forensics: an advanced toolkit that not only tells you who’s visited which parts of your site, but actually feeds that information through to a dedicated individual profile, which details every instance in which that particular person has interacted with your brand across social channels, email and the web. You can then use that information to improve your marketing return on investment (ROI).

Customer Data

The best way to describe web forensics is to use an example:

John Smith has been on your email list since he made an enquiry last year.

Every month he receives your newsletter, and your standard reporting functionality can tell you whether or not he opened it, and whether he clicked through to your website. Web forensics goes far beyond that, by following John’s path around your website, and displaying it on his profile alongside all of his previous online interactions with you – including those on social platforms.

Looking at John’s profile, you can tell that he opens your newsletters approximately 80% of the time. He has a habit of clicking links to content about small business telecoms, and last month he spent a full 12 minutes on your website – five of them on an offer page you’d published about introductory deals on business telecoms.

In the two weeks following his exploration of your website, he became a fan of your Facebook page and ‘liked’ one of the links to one of your blogs pieces. He also clicked through to the blog page and read a total of three articles that day. Over the past year, John has read 15 of your blog pieces, and has commented on two of them.

You only need to ask yourself one question: what is the marketing value of this information?

Web forensics forms the backbone of your lead nurturing programme, providing invaluable insight into your customers. It allows you to understand the way in which your social media activity, content marketing, and paid/ owned or earned media are generating leads. It’s the missing piece of the marketing puzzle.

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