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10 Amazing Tips To Optimise Your Social Media Profiles

We understand that there is always so much to do when marketing your business on social media. Therefore, we have created this useful list of tips and tricks to help you optimise your social
media profiles easily.

1) Your Profiles
Each of the social networks offers several different profile fields for you to complete. Make sure you complete these fields as they will help people gain a greater understanding about your business and optimise your profiles more effectively.

2) Photo’s
Use imagery for your social media profiles that have a context. These images should reflect what your business does. The quality of these images is also important. The various social media profiles require different image sizes. For a great cheat sheet of all the images you need.

3) Brand Consistency
To make your business look professional and to improve brand consistency use the same images for each of your business/personal social media profiles.

4) What do you do?
Make sure that anybody visiting your profile can clearly see what you do and the benefit of this to them. i.e. Finding new staff quickly and cost effectively (recruitment company)

5) Website Links
All the major social media platforms allow you to link to your website. How about linking to a page that has been designed to convert visitors with a strong call to action instead.

6) Optimise your profiles for the search engines
If you want your Facebook profile to come up in Google for a particular word then the keyword needs to be in the page name. If you want your Facebook page to come up in Facebook search then that page needs to be in the subcategory.

If you want twitter profile to come up in Google search then add the keywords to your profile name or username.

The Last name field on linkedin can have up to 40 characters so as an example my profile reads as Garry Davis, Online Marketing Consultant. Rather than adding your job title to the ‘Your Professional Headline’ field use this to say more about what you do.

7) Link to your other social media profiles

LinkedIn offer the option to link to your twitter account.

Facebook allows you to link to several other social media platforms

social media profiles facebook

8) Pin popular posts (facebook and LinkedIN) and tweets (twitter) to the top of your profile or even posts about awards that you have won to create greater visibility.

9) Start using twitter cards to increase engagement with your followers see for more info.

social media profiles twitter cards

10) Use the ‘pages to watch feature’ on Facebook to keep an eye on your competitors to understand what content is working / not working for them and trends. For more info.


There are certainly more than 10 tips and tricks to optimising your social media profiles. By optimising your profile you will help drive traffic to your social media profiles and help increase leads and sales. Bookmark this page as we will be writing a series of these blog posts in the future. Are there any tips you would like to share? If so please share in the comments.

About the Author:

I have worked in online / digital for 20 years! Yes, it is possible. Started in the early days before freeserve was a scribble on a napkin, developing and marketing online self help products for the likes of BT, Cable& Wireless. MCI WorldCom et al. Set up the first online retailer channel for Demon Internet (Now part of C&W) before moving Agency side. As MD of grow* i focus on strategy and head up the client management team as well as keeping my toe in the water.

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