B2C marketing

How to Build a List of Email Subscribers

If your business has an online presence then the opportunity exists for you to build an effective email marketing list. A targeted email list allows you to continuously nurture prospects, provide them with information and offers, and eventually turn them into revenue producing conversions. As pretty much everyone on the planet has an email address […]

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How Local Businesses are Using Twitter to Find Customers

Twitter is a great marketing tool for creating brand awareness and keeping an eye on the competition, but most importantly for engaging with your customers. Local businesses often struggle connecting with their local audiences, but there are several simple tasks that can be done to help find local customers on Twitter. Location based search One […]

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April Fools! The Best and Worst Social Media Pranks

Every year on April Fool’s Day companies across the globe compete to come up with the best, wittiest and most memorable pranks in an attempt to show their funny side. While it’s all a bit of fun and games, over the years it has become a very popular marketing tactic, with many of the best […]

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