Instagram Rolls Out New Desktop Layout: Social Media News

Instagram and Twitter are leading the way in social media news this week with an updated layout and fresh advertising features. Read on for more… Instagram Rolls Out New Web Design Get ready for the new Instagram. The fast growing, visual-based social network has unveiled a brand new layout for desktop. The new layout is […]

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12 local marketing stats that will blow your socks off

Local marketing has gone digital. The days when an advert in the local paper and a generic mailshot of leaflets into people’s letter boxes would fill your order books are over – in 2015, the power lies literally in the palm of your customers’ hands: the smartphone. Fuelled by developments in mobile and social technology, […]

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YouTube Confirms Paid Ad-Free Service: Social Media News

What’s new in the social media world this week? From Facebook to YouTube to Instagram, we’ve got the latest. YouTube confirms ad-free paid subscription service YouTube has sent an email to its partners describing the forthcoming paid service, which will allow users to watch videos without adverts. This news comes in the wake of the […]

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Fun St Patrick’s Day Twitter Facts and Other Social Media News

How St Patrick’s Day played out on Twitter St Paddy’s Day: the one day of the year when everyone is Irish. Or at least they think they are. Twitter was abuzz with celebratory tweets and we’ve gathered some funny facts about the occasion that might make you smile. The patron saint of Ireland was said […]

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The Latest in Social Media

Twitter is bigger than Instagram after all Remember back in December when we were all surprised to discover that Instagram had 300 million active monthly users while Twitter had just 284 million? According to the Social Times, we were right to be surprised. Due to Instagram culling millions of spam accounts at the end of […]

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Search & Social Media News Round Up 6th January 2012

Obama sets up Instagram account On Tuesday this week it was revealed that President Barack Obama has an official Instagram account, to document his political appearances. Already considered social media savy, Obama used social networking sites frequently throughout his campaign and the presidential elections to update his followers and reach new audiences online. The Instagram […]

How To Make The Most of Instagram | Social Media Blog

Instagram is one of the most popular photo sharing apps for the iPhone. It’s a simple photo-taking and photo-sharing app that you can get free from Apple’s App Store, and it’s commonly used amongst bloggers and creatively minded tweeters. Instagram supplies 11 retro-looking filters for use with your iPhone camera. You can either take photographs normally and […]