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B2B Pay Per Click Advertising – Identifying Negative Key Phrases.

Why Are Negative Keywords So Important To B2B Pay Per Click Marketing? In general, the overall search volume for b2b related key phrases is significantly lower than in b2c activities. This leads to several issues, some of which are very specific to the market: Budget are much lower Limited traffic to relevant key phrases High […]

Search And Social Media News Round Up: 18th November 2011

UK Social Media Users Are Wary of Big Brands Almost two-thirds of Britons do not want to be bothered by big-name brands on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, according to a survey. The survey of more than 72,000 internet users proves that British web users are less susceptible to online marketing messages than in […]

PPC – Don’t Try This At Home!

There are many things in life best outsourced to experts, take dry cleaning or building a car for example, while theoretically you could give them a go, realistically they’re areas best left to specialists for reasons of expertise, time, safety and cost. The same applies in the world of pay-per-click. PPC is increasingly an area […]