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Amazon Reading List

The Amazon Reading List for LinkedIn is an application that lets you share your reading tips with your network via your LinkedIn profile. You can add what you have read, what you are reading and what you would like to read. You are encouraged to add a little review to help others make decisions. Start by adding the books that are relevant to you or your business– those that you’re planning to, are currently, or have already read.

Behance Creative Portfolio Display

Behance is a popular creative portfolio site, with a professional feel. This is an application to showcase your creative achievements by integrating your Behance profile with your LinkedIn profile. In the form of a small application box, displaying various Behance projects.

Blog Link

Blog Link allows you to connect your blog to your LinkedIn profile. You will also receive trusted news from your connections, automatically pulling in the latest blog posts from around your network so you can be informed by sources you trust. Support for all bloggers and all platforms. Blog Link supports TypePad, Movable Type, Vox,,, Blogger, LiveJournal, and many more. And it is Powered by TypePad technology, the premier hosted blogging service. is an online content management and file storing business. The application helps you share your important data on LinkedIn and then you can quickly and easily add any type of file to your LinkedIn profile, so visitors can download and view them. Share your resume, portfolio or presentation, for clients/ employers to download.

Company Buzz

Company Buzz lets you find relevant trends and comments about your company. Once installed you can customize the topics you watch, see historical charts to track ‘buzz’ over time and report trends by getting the top words associated with your topic.


Use this App to access quick, concise business and career lessons from the top experts. You’ll be able to read content by purchasing credits. One credit allows you to purchase and read one piece of content and you’ll get three credits upon joining. Credits can be purchased individually or in bulk.


Events is an essential app for networking and hosting events. See what events your entire professional network is attending and find events recommended to you based on your industry and job function. Meet up with prospects at the next industry event or re-connect with old friends. You can learn more about each conference and seminar, including reading comments about events, see who’s attending and see who’s interested. You can then put important conferences on your profile—whether you’re attending or speaking.


LinkedIn has teamed up with open source repository GitHub to help developers showcase their projects and build their professional networks. LinkedIn has added a new application to its platform. By adding your GitHub account on LinkedIn, your projects will show up automatically as part of your profile there. Your network will be updated when you create, follow, or update any GitHub project.You’ll also be able to see who else in your network is on GitHub and what projects they’re working on.

Google Presentation

Google Presentations is a professional way to introduce yourself and your work. You can add a presentation to your LinkedIn profile, showcase a recent talk or presentation and display a visual portfolio of your professional accomplishments. It can be a different way to introduce yourself to recruiters and professional contacts who may be viewing your profile.

Huddle Workspace

With Huddle Workspaces you can get your teams working together in seconds. Create different workspaces for different groups of connections, and decide what’s visible to who. Keep your documents private and secure- you can access them from anywhere, anytime. Work together with unlimited connections – exchange ideas, plans and opinions by using discussion forums. Use private online workspaces for secure file collaboration with 1GB of space and edit files online and with no need for added software.

ManyMoon Projects and Teamspace

Manymooon simplifies work life with the ability to organize projects, tasks, and conversations for a whole team. It’s  the number one project management application for Google Apps. Download onto your LinkedIn account to stay organised with employers and clients.


LinkedIn Polls allows you to easily find answers to your business and market research questions. Ask a question, and it’ll be distributed to your connections and millions of other professionals on LinkedIn. You can also share your Poll through Facebook or Twitter integrations, or by embedding the voting module on your own website or blog.

Real Estate Pro

Real Estate Pro is the easiest way to stay informed about your local real estate and office space marketplace. Use it to find office space listings for lease and property for sale. Follow and connect with active brokers and professionals, track new property listings and see the latest deals in your market. For real estate professionals you can use it to feature property listings and promote client transactions on your LinkedIn profile. Easily share your work and completed deals with your business connections, track your market, create a following, promote your expertise and develop new business.

Resume Builder

So long as your LinkedIn profile is full and complete you can turn your LinkedIn Profile into a resume quickly and easily with this application. No more Word and PDF documents, just pick a resume template (11 to choose from), customize the content, and print and share the result.

Slideshare Presentations

With this application you can share presentations & documents with your LinkedIn network. Upload portfolios, a resume, PDFs, marketing/sales presentations and even YouTube videos – with audio. These will be displayed on your LinkedIn profile. If you have a account, you can import your existing presentations into LinkedIn. This app can be synced with a Facebook profile as well.

Triplt My Travel

TripIt’s app is a travel app, and makes it easy to share where you’re headed, and when you’re connected to your leads, and vice-versa. By adding the application to display your current location and upcoming trips and travel plans, you will be easily accessible for networking opportunities and meetings.


With Tweets app you can integrate your Twitter account with LinkedIn, to display your most recent tweets on your public profile. Tweets also gives you instant access to the updates of people you are following, and the power to tweet, reply, and re-tweet — all from your LinkedIn home page.


With the WordPress App, you can sync your WordPress blog posts with your LinkedIn profile, keeping your professional network updated on your blogging activities. Once added, you can filter your posts with a special LinkedIn tag and updates are automatically sent to your network for instant notifications.

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