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The New Rules Of Marketing & PR 2nd Edition

‘The New Rules of Marketing & PR’

By David Meerman Scott

John Wiley & Sons (28 Jan 2010)


David Meerman Scott is an award-winning marketing strategist speaker and seminar leader. He is also the author of the ‘New Rules’ series consisting of the “New Rules ofd Social Media” and the two additions of the “New Rules of Marketing and PR”.

It is hard to write a review of “The New Rules” without gushing like an avid fan. But there is something special about this book. The first thing that will strike you is how quickly and easily it is to become hooked. Scott’s writing style is immediately intriguing as he willingly discloses the secrets to how the book became a best seller. “Wanna know the amazing thing?” he says, “I didn’t spend a penny on advertising (the book).” His casual writing style and honesty mean that he is immediately trustworthy, and giving a first-hand example on the very first page, has a huge impact. The message is: if he can market the book using only the tools of the internet, imagine the possibilities for your own venture.

Scott covers areas such as corporate blogging, social media marketing and management, news releases, online video and viral marketing. He gives professional insight on all topics, including which avenues are appropriate for which reader, and how to approach a certain network as a business.

Whilst singing the praises of social media marketing, Scott goes beyond the hype and details real life success stories, from the big guns such as the McDonalds blog, to much smaller businesses, reaching out with Facebook, for example. This is so important when discussing these ‘new rules’: to distinguish from the noise and hype, and concentrate on solid evidence that shows the rules play.Scott writes animated first-hand accouints of the people Scott met during the run-up for the book, for whom the internet has changed their luck, from increased sales, to business opportunities and employment

The structure of the book is also something new, in fact it reads just like a blog, with intriguing subheadings to keep the pages turning and insightful text boxes which summarise each section. Because the book isn’t sectioned into ‘Social Media’ or ‘Marketing’ or ‘Blogging’ for example, it appears to flow rather more organically, and the reader obtains a sense of everything as a whole and how one area of social media marketing relates and supports another. Which, incidentally, is one of the overall messages of the book.

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