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Web Hosting Companies & Social Media Status

We have complied research of some of the top web-hosting companies in the UK, to see how they fair across social media networks and in comparison to their competitors – with some interesting results.

Blacknight Solutions immediately stands out as having a successful social media strategy, namely by utilising Twitter to gain a staggering 6,834 followers, and an impressive Klout Score of 56. From what we can see,Blacknight Solutions uses the network to interact with customers, answering questions and complaints, as well as joining in with relevant conversation. Tweets are regularly posted throughout the day with references to current tech news, as well as links back to helpful areas of their website. This level of engagement has paid off, and from a social media perspective, Blacknight Solutions are a powerful company. Their YouTube and Facebook stats are also some of the best, with Facebook followers at 1,546 and YouTube subscribers at 112. By producing plenty of customer friendly content, across all channels, Blacknight have gained a vast following, and undoubtedly a stronger fanbase, than some of their competitors.

Coming up behind Blacknight Solutions and on fairly equal ground are: FastHosts, Intrahost1+1 Internet Ltd. and Heart Internet. Heart Internethas a fairly impressive Facebook following at 2,253, and this is due to persistent, relevant and engaging content, such as competitions, polls, links to their blog and efficient customer care. Heart also make a point of understanding their demographic – mostly business owners – by creating blog posts tailored to their needs and offering publicity (by way of a ‘website of the month’ award), to users that interact with them.

Most of the mentioned companies seem to have a better strategy with regards to Twitter. As with most technology based companies, when things go wrong, customer complaints can fly in thick and fast. But by having aTwitter profile, companies can target users who are publicly complaining about their service, diffuse tensions and offer one on one support for their problems. If this is done efficiently, it can only work in a business’s favour to have this correspondence happen in front of the virtual public as well.

Twitter can be an opportunity to combine sales talk with customer engagement and content sharing, as Intrahost and Fasthosts manage to do. It’s also extremely helpful if companies have another content sharing resource, such as a YouTube channel or blog, so they can link to their own content, rather than sending customers away to other blogs/websites.

Tips For Social Media Success

  • Include Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/RSS widget’s on your website, so visitors can easily start following you.
  • Create unique content such as instructional videos on YouTube, or ‘how to’ posts on your blog.
  • Use Facebook and Twitter as support centres for customers, reply quickly and calmly to complaints.
  • Be aware of review sites such as ReviewCentre or  Trusted Reviews. If you see a good review – share it! However, also be aware of negative reviews. FastHosts seemed to have synced their ReviewCentre profile with their Twitter account – this must be the explanation because very negative reviews are being tweeted to their profile, presumably not by choice.
  • A strong company LinkedIn profile is important. Companies should encourage employee’s to sign up and keep their profile’s updated, to showcase the businesses skills and experience.

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