Website Forensics – What can your website tell you?

Google Analytics

Google analytics is a goldmine of data, the problem is this causes its own challenges. As you try and understand and interpret the information provided, Google is constantly changing the interface to make things ‘easier’ to understand.

As  Google Analytics experts we work with you to both analyse and interpret the information as well as providing ongoing insights into how you website is performing, what customers are looking for and identifying areas for improvement.   


Business Finder

94% of business visit a suppliers website to collate information and research before contacting them. Are all of these customers contacting you? If not why not?

There are a number of ways in which businesses can identify companies visiting there websites. Most of these require some form of paid software and a contract to go with it.

At grow our aim is to look at finding a simpler solution that matches the needs of your business and provides the information you want when you want it.

Grow Analytics 

Your Google Analytics 

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is key to nurturing those customers that are visiting your website, engaging in social media et al but haven’t yet made contact. 

By creating a lead nurturing programme,

Why Grow?

Why Choose Grow to help understand your customers?

Its all about experience. Our team have extensive knowledge and experience of analysing data to deliver core business and marketing information.

What do your customers like to do in there spare time?

How old are they?

Are they android or Apple fans?


What Our Clients Think?

What do we offer as part of Website Forensics?






Automated data analysis

Improved targeting

Money saving

Improved insights

Business visitor identification

Best converting

Weak converting

High impact

Segment analysis

Custom segments

Big Query

Data warehousing

Business goals

Ecommerce goals

No more pivot tables

Happy customers

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