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Why fresh content is so valuable for your business

Keeping the content of your site fresh and up to date can be an essential element in building site traffic and credibility.

Websites should be living, breathing beings. Your website is the shop front of your business and the content is your staff. No shop owner would dream of leaving the window display the same for months on end, allowing the displays to become faded and dusty. Equally the staff in the shop need to be well presented, engaging, knowledgeable and welcoming.

In the same way, making your website dynamic, fresh, engaging, knowledgeable and welcoming can be key to getting your customers through the door and buying from you.

Fresh Content means up to date

If your site has a regular feed of new content, it creates the impression that your site is maintained and up to date and the information you are providing your customers is relevant to them now.

For this reason, Google and the other search engines love fresh content. They are looking to provide users with relevant and up to date information, so by keeping your content fresh the search engines will index it more often and present it to them as they search.

Equally, if your content has not been refreshed or nothing new has been added in months, it can create the impression of a company that is dormant or doesn’t have its finger on the pulse. It is so easy for websites to be left for years online and the owner doesn’t maintain the site, that if you arrive at a site that hasn’t been updated, it can be difficult to know whether the company is even still operating.

Establishes your credibility and expertise

You are the expert in what you do – that is why you are doing it. Useful, informative content on your subject of expertise allows you to showcase what you do and therefore how you can help your customers.

If your content is useful and relevant to your customers, you can quickly establish your authority and credibility, engaging them and encouraging them to return for new content that will be useful to them, as it is created. It also builds trust and belief that you know what you are talking about.

But, a word of warning……

Your content should be created with your customer in mind and not as a promotional vehicle for your business. Customers want useful, relevant content that informs and helps them. Do not push out article after article about all your wonderful products and services. Show your knowledge and expertise, don’t tell them about it and they are far more likely to be won over.

Drives more traffic to your site from search

By creating new, fresh content, you are building a library of information and articles that will be indexed by Google. The more you create, the more focused you can be with individual articles, picking long tail key phrases. They might not be searched as frequently, but neither are they highly competitive. In this way, you can attract potential customers to your website who are interested in very specific things that you offer.

Creates a useful library of content for social media

The more content you create, the less likely you are to be stuck for things to post on social media. You can re-use articles you have written, refreshing them throughout the year to create greater visibility on your social media channels.

If you are creating new content on a regular basis, which is useful and interesting to your potential customers it is more likely to get shared by others, than if you are pushing out the same content all the time. Your followers will switch off to your posts if they just see the same articles being posted again and again.

It keeps people coming back

If you are providing regular, useful content, visitors will return to your site to find out what is new. You can also use that content for newsletters and email marketing to keep your customers engaged.

No more excuses…

You may be one of those people who hates writing, or struggles to think of fresh ideas all the time to write about, but regular fresh content should be the life blood of your website, so don’t make excuses. If you don’t have time, or the writing skills, you can always outsource it but don’t put it off any longer.

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