YouTube Confirms Paid Ad-Free Service: Social Media News

What’s new in the social media world this week? From Facebook to YouTube to Instagram, we’ve got the latest.

YouTube confirms ad-free paid subscription service

YouTube has sent an email to its partners describing the forthcoming paid service, which will allow users to watch videos without adverts. This news comes in the wake of the launch of Vessel, which many successful YouTube creators have already signed up to. The concept of Vessel is that users pay a monthly subscription fee to watch YouTube videos ad-free and ‘early’ as they will be available on the site a few days before YouTube.

YouTube already has a paid channel option in the form of YouTube Music Key, where users can pay a monthly subscription of $9.99 (roughly £6.80) to stream ad-free music without being connected to the internet. Possibly in an effort to compete with Vessel and also following on from the success of Music Key, YouTube is now expanding its own paid-for content.

Most of the details of the service are yet to be announced but many users are already speculating over the price and channel options. The question is: how much would you be prepared to pay for ad-free YouTube videos?

Teens still like Facebook

Since the rise of social media diversity, it’s often claimed that teenagers are giving up on Facebook and moving towards newer platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. A new study has found that in reality this isn’t the case and Facebook is still ruling the social network kingdom with 71% of 13−17-year-olds using the site.

The more visual platforms proved popular among teens, with Instagram taking second place with 52%, followed by Snapchat with 41%. Somewhat surprisingly, only a mere 33% of teens are using Twitter, despite it having the second highest number of users overall.

If your company relies on the teen demographic for business, these statistics could be worth considering when choosing which social sites to use. The study found that a tiny 22% of teens use only one social network, leaving 78% using a variety of different sites. So, if you’ve been focusing on Twitter and leaving the rest untouched, it could be time to rethink your social strategy.

Instagram adds post notifications

App notifications are helpful but they can get a bit annoying. Instagram has added a new notification feature to the app so, if you choose to, you can receive notifications from specific users whenever they upload a new post. This could be great for keeping an eye on the competition, or simply ensuring you never miss a post from your favourite Instagram accounts. On the other hand, with most smartphone users already bombarded by push notifications from their myriad apps, who really needs more?


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