YouTube To Lose its Status as the King of Online Video?

Lots of things have happened in the world of social media this week. Get set for new advertising options, a potential threat to YouTube and some interesting Wimbledon social media facts.
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Wimbledon: Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams are social champions

The winners of the 2015 Wimbledon Championships tennis tournament will not be crowned until July 12, but Adobe Digital Index set its top seeds in terms of social clout.

Djokovic has more than 10 million fans and followers, and he also was the most-mentioned player in the past 30 days, boasting the highest international reach.

As for Williams, she has 8.7 million fans and followers and was the topic of the second-most social mentions. She also had the most Instagram followers.

Instagram ads to get more focused with Facebook targeting options

Get ready, your Instagram advertising options are about to get a lot more specific. Ahead of the Cannes Lions Festival this week, Facebook’s Vice President of Global Marketing Solutions Carolyn Everson has said that Facebook’s targeting data will soon be available for use on Instagram.

Facebook already uses some of its data for ad targeting on Instagram, though it’s limited to basic age and gender. Everson says that’s about to change, with the “entire suite of Facebook targeting on Instagram over the next few months”.
This is great news if your business advertises with Instagram.

Is YouTube at risk of losing its status as the king of online video?

youtube v facebook

Facebook now poses a major threat to YouTube’s long-held dominance in online video advertising.
The social network’s video views are rocketing and recent trials with content owners suggest it’s primed to become a plausible alternative to YouTube.
Facebook hasn’t yet been able to compete with YouTube’s ability to deliver revenue returns to content creators through its huge engaged audiences across the globe. But now it appears that Facebook is making a serious play for content owners.
While currently YouTube remains in a strong position in terms of overall audience and visitors, moves by social networks to favour natively posted video content and structure more lucrative video advertising partnerships have hurt, and have forced YouTube into a fighting stance for the first time in many years.

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