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10 Amazing Tips To Optimise Your Social Media Profiles

We understand that there is always so much to do when marketing your business on social media. Therefore, we have created this useful list of tips and tricks to help you optimise your social media profiles easily. 1) Your Profiles Each of the social networks offers several different profile fields for you to complete. Make […]

YouTube To Lose its Status as the King of Online Video?

Lots of things have happened in the world of social media this week. Get set for new advertising options, a potential threat to YouTube and some interesting Wimbledon social media facts. Wimbledon: Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams are social champions The winners of the 2015 Wimbledon Championships tennis tournament will not be crowned until July 12, […]

Instagram Rolls Out New Desktop Layout: Social Media News

Instagram and Twitter are leading the way in social media news this week with an updated layout and fresh advertising features. Read on for more… Instagram Rolls Out New Web Design Get ready for the new Instagram. The fast growing, visual-based social network has unveiled a brand new layout for desktop. The new layout is […]

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Fun Eurovision Twitter Facts: Social Media News

This week we’re talking about all things Eurovision as well as catching up on the latest social media features and updates from the usual suspects, Facebook and Twitter. #EUROVISION Eurovision is the biggest singing contest in the world and as such one of the most talked about events on social media. So, love it or […]

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How the Latest Social Media Updates Are Impacting Businesses

Every week we report on all the latest social media and digital marketing news. Today we’re looking back at some of the biggest and most controversial updates from the past couple of months and reviewing how they have impacted businesses and how they could affect you. Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon’ Google changed its algorithm on 21 April […]

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Twitter Advertising: A Guide to Promoted Tweets, Accounts and Trends

Advertising on social media is not a new concept. Most of the main players now offer the opportunity to expand your reach and build a bigger audience for your company with the help of adverts or sponsorships. There are several different options for advertising on Twitter, these include promoted tweets, promoted accounts and promoted trends. […]

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Pinterest Rolls Out Cinematic Pins: Social Media News

This week all the big social media game players have been updating us on all their latest business ventures and revamped features. From Facebook Events to Pinterest Cinematic Pins, we’ve got the latest news. 7 Facebook Events features coming this year and beyond Facebook Events is one of Facebook’s more handy tools. Users create hundreds […]

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Reddit Joins the Fight Against Trolls: Social Media News

To help you stay ahead of the game with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention this week. Facebook could let businesses contact you on WhatsApp After acquiring the popular messaging app for $21.8billion last year, Facebook have announced this week that they may allow businesses to interact with […]

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Local Business Marketing: Why Facebook Should be Your Best Friend

If you own a local business, you’re likely to be most interested in customers in your area, but not particularly people scattered around the country or globe. Facebook provides ample opportunity to localise your marketing efforts, increase brand awareness and visibility in your area, and reach real customers. You just need to know how. Built-in […]

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One Million Facebook Video Calls in Two Days: Social Media News

As the biggest social media game player, Facebook are always on the ball when it comes to new features and helpful updates. This week is no different and we’ve got the latest social media news from carousel ads to video chats. Facebook carousel format now available for mobile app ads Last year Facebook introduced carousel […]

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