Content Creation

Content Creation

Successful content marketing is all about building a really clear profile of your intended reader, and targeting the content so that it hits the right spot and achieves the result you want.

Throughout our content creation process, we’ll put ourselves in the shoes of your readers to come up with a content strategy that addresses the following:

Who are you selling to?

Consumers? Other businesses? Men? Women? Young people? Older people? The sort of content you create, its style, and the way it is distributed will vary wildly according to the profile of your typical reader.

What you can help them with

Content marketing is all about showcasing your expertise, but not every part of it — just the aspects that offer solutions to people’s problems. Strategic customer research is an essential part of a content strategy, to make sure your content is addressing the most pressing issues faced by your customers.

What you want them to do to get the content

It’s implied that you won’t charge actual money for your content, but you may still require something from your reader in exchange for your helpful advice. Perhaps they’ll need to enter their name and email address to download a whitepaper from your website, or you might give them an ebook in exchange for a social media ‘like’ or ‘share’.

What you want them to do after they’ve consumed the content

Do you want your reader to comment on your blog, sign up to your email list, call you, share the content with friends, or something else? Strong calls to action are a necessary part of content production.

We’re often asked how we can adopt our clients’ brand voices and styles to create suitable content for them. The answer is simple: our content creation is dependent upon finding out what sort of content your customers want to consume, and then creating it using language that fits your brand and resonates with your customers.

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