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The 2013 MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Benchmark Survey revealed that the majority of organisations (92%) consider that email marketing will deliver a return on investment  (ROI) either at the current time (60%) or in the future (32%). In other words, just about everybody thinks it works.

So why isn’t the business world awash with tales of killer email marketing campaigns? We think it’s because there are two major stumbling blocks to a well-executed email marketing strategy.

The first is content. Most corporate email marketing efforts are, to put it politely, less than impressive. We’re all familiar with clumsy personalisation attempts, clichéd subject lines, and – especially in B2B emails – dull copy within the email itself.

The second issue is technology. Most email campaigns consist of sending the same email to the entire database of contacts, irrespective of the vast differences between the recipients’ interactions with the brand.

Grow*’s email marketing services

At Grow*, email marketing starts from a baseline that has already overcome both of these issues. First, our team of professional content writers will create emails that are engaging, creative and which make the recipients want to read them. Every part of the content will be tested, from the sender name to the subject line to the body copy. Only when it’s been fully optimised is it ready to go public.

When it’s time to distribute your campaign to your recipients, we’ll do so from within highly advanced, agency-grade email management software that contains information about each of your contacts based on their entire history of interacting with your company.

This system will not only report back how your recipients have engaged with the email (opened it, deleted it, clicked a link, and so on) but can actually follow up particular segments of your audience with further, targeted emails based on their activity and all their previous interactions with your brand both directly and via email, PPC, SEO, and social media. Now that’s what we call ROI.

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